Good Intentions

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Read Genesis 6:5

People will often justify themselves for not following through with something they said they were going to do. They will tell you “I intended” on doing it. But, they never seem to be able to do what they say. Intent is a thought that you might have whether it be positive or negative that never seems to manifest itself in an action or behavior. That means that someone will think about doing something, but never do it. Intention can be tricky as the motive behind the thought could be well meaning or it can be wicked and destructive. When GOD looked upon the earth he saw that the thought or intent of man was continually wicked and did not have good meaning. Therefore, GOD was grieved that he had created man. Jesus Christ said if you think it; it is the same as doing it. Having good intentions can be hurtful too. If someone is depending on you based on your word and you don’t follow through; what good is your word. If you are a person who always has intent, but nothing else; ask GOD to check your heart and renew your mind.


The Art of Seduction

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Read Genesis 3:1

Now the serpent was considered the most cunning of the species that GOD created. What made this species so cunning? It was something about it that was interesting and made it seductive to others. But, being seduced by something does not mean that it is right for you. The world has many things going on in it that look good and seem interesting. These things can seduce people and arouse their senses. But, that does not mean that it is good for them. People can become so bamboozled by their desires; and given over to things that are destructive and detrimental to their life. The seductiveness of these things is so overpowering that there seems to be nothing that they can do to say no. But, GOD always gives us a way out of being lured into things that are not good for us. We do get to say NO! Be careful about allowing yourself to be seduced by things that look good on the outside, but the true nature can be something totally different.

Unconditional Love

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

I don’t have a scripture today just a thought. How would you feel as a parent if the child you gave your all to was to act as if you never existed? Just the thought of this happening to a parent would be unimaginable, but this is what GOD experiences from humans all the time. People go about their daily lives and never take out the time to have a relationship with the one who has given human kind everything they could ever want or need for life. It is hurtful to GOD that he is discarded as nothing more than an unseen entity that no one is interested in getting to know. Yet, our very lives as humans depend upon GOD being there and keeping our universe in constant syncopation. What if GOD decided to treat us like we treat him, which is with disdain, disregard and disrespect? We would be in a world of trouble. If you like the life you have today; why don’t you do something different and tell GOD that you love and respect him for who he is and what he does for us as humans. The truth is that he does not have to do it, but he has unconditional love for his creation. Let us reciprocate and show him the same love he has shown to us.

Knowing the voice of GOD

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Read Jeremiah 32:6-8

How can you know when it is truly GOD who is speaking to you; or when it is your self-will in operation? This can be very hard to discern; especially if you are not actively engaged in a relationship with GOD. Engaging in a relationship with GOD comes through reading his Word; having the message taught to you; and interacting with others who believe. Jeremiah even though he was a prophet also struggled knowing if it truly was GOD speaking to him. In this reading he was asked to do something that would be considered unorthodox at the time. Buying land that belong to family when it should have been kept to pass on to another generation would have been considered out of the ordinary. Also, taking into consideration that Judah and the surrounding territories were in turmoil and most of the land was being seized by the enemy. So, when GOD spoke to Jeremiah concerning this purchase how did he know that this was the will of GOD?

At first he didn’t, so he waited until he received confirmation. This confirmation came when his cousin offered the land to him to purchase. I often have to sit and wait until I know that I am on the right path. Sometimes, I can act impulsively, which does not allow me the opportunity to give GOD a chance to show me his will. Recently, I did not know where GOD wanted me to be in his Word, but something in my heart told me to go to the book of Jeremiah. I did not know whether or not I was on point from what I thought was GOD telling me. Then my Apostle began teaching from this same book; and suggested that everyone begin reading it. Then the light bulb came on to let me know that it was GOD’s voice. We have to be careful about stepping out to soon on our own with decisions that are made without counsel or wisdom from others. Knowing GOD’s voice takes more than intermittent interaction with him; it takes a commitment and a determination to  remain still and know that he is there.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Read Jeremiah 28:all (it is in the old testament and right after the book of Isaiah)

Jeremiah is considered one of the most misunderstood, but tenacious prophets in the Bible. His message to the nation of Judah was heart-wrenching, corrective and dismal. He stood for 40 years on his own attempting to get people to listen to his message from GOD regarding their idolatry and behavioral issues; that GOD himself felt were offensive and repentless toward him. Due to Jeremiah’s message of destruction and captivity of the nation of Judah; people wanted to kill him. The Israelites had put prophets to death before if they did not agree with what they had to say.

How do you respond when people try to give you wise and corrective advice? Do you become indifferent and contentious; are you able to receive it with love and compassion? Your inability to receive counsel; especially from someone who is in touch with GOD can be destructive and detrimental to your quality of life. How many times have people been involved in a relationship that included betrayal by their partner, but when a friend tries to tell them the truth; they dissolve the friendship as they don’t want to hear what is being said. Please don’t be afraid of hearing the truth; as it will set you free. So, the next time someone wants to give you sound advice; “DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER, BUT HEAR THE MESSAGE….

What is on the inside counts

Friday, March 28th, 2014

1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

How many times do we judge others and even ourselves by what we look like and our outward appearance. But, GOD is not impressed with our physical attributes. He is impressed by our intrinsic nature and our hearts. When GOD makes decisions on using individuals the last thing he brings into play is what we look like. But, how we operate in the earth is a whole other matter to him. GOD needs someone who is not consumed with their self and their appearance, but what they can do to glorify him and his purpose.

I know myself that I am caught up with some of my flaws in my physical appearance. But, GOD is not looking at that. My looks serve him no purpose; they are human issues that GOD is not  concerned with. But, does my inner man have a use that GOD can fulfill his purpose in the earth? Will GOD be able to use me mightily? Will my emotions not give out when the going gets rough? GOD is not shallow or superficial. That is a human characteristic. So, if you want GOD to look to you as a warrior in the earth; remember that it is what’s on the inside that counts. The outside will eventually fade away, but your heart remains forever.

The Name of the Lord

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

Proverbs 18:10 The name of the Lord is a strongtower; the righteous run to it and they are saved…

A strongtower was a place of refuge and safety. It was a safe place to hide from your enemies where they could not find you or get to you. King David ran to a strongtower in order to avoid being killed; and aborting his destiny in GOD.

We have enemies in life and need a refuge from their destructive pursuits against us. Where can you go when you are in need of safety? It is to the Lord. Call upon his name and be safe from all the negatives forces that life has to bring. This does not mean that life will be a rose garden, but at least you will have an all powerful ally that will keep you safe from all hurt and harm.

Who Abides with GOD?

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill?

2 He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.

3 He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbour.

4 In whose eyes a vile person is condemned; but he honoureth them that fear the Lord. He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.

5 He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved. Psalms 15

I put this scripture up to let everyone see that even though GOD loves us all as his creation; that he will not accept just any type of behaviors and actions from us. GOD has specific instructions on how he wants us to live as his creation; and who will be able to rest with him in eternity. Also, GOD has also given us instruction on accepting his son Jesus Christ; who he sent into the earth, so that we could have reconciliation with him. Don’t believe that you can live any sort of way here on earth; and GOD will accept it. He may love us, but not love how we live.

Give me my flowers now!

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Read Isaiah 38:18-19

Do you have a loved one who is no longer here, but you wished that you had the opportunity to tell them how much you loved them? Do you have some unresolved issue that came between you and someone, but now its too late to make it right? The woulda, coulda, shouldas can get us when we don’t take the opportunities we have to show people in our lives that we honor and love them. There is a saying: “give my flowers while I’m alive, so that I can enjoy them”. What this means is we make opportunities to show others how we feel about them. It is too late when they are dead and gone.

This is the same premise with GOD and Jesus Christ. When we are dead we will not have the opportunity to give them glory, honor and reverence. It will be too late. It is important that while we are alive that we show GOD just how much we love him and respect him for what he has done. Everything we have comes from GOD and it would behoove us to take a little of our time out to let him know we appreciate him. I show GOD my appreciation everyday with my words; my lifestyle and even my money. Yes, I honor GOD with my finances.  Don’t wait until it is too late. Show your appreciation today.


Using our senses…

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Read Isaiah 11:3 (in the Old Testament; it is a couple of books after Proverbs)

How do you judge your world? How do you judge other people? We usually rely upon our five senses or even our sixth sense if you feel you have intuition. But, is this right to judge solely based upon our perceptions through our natural man. This can be confusing as GOD gave us these senses, so that we could interpret and interact with the world he created for us. However, our perception of life and our world can be very distorted by our senses. What we see is not always what is really happening. What we hear is not always truthful.

In this reading beginning at verse 1 the Lord Jesus Christ would have seven spirits that would help him to judge fairly and righteously. He would not rely upon his natural senses as GOD knows that judging by these often can result in misinterpretation and miscommunication. But, when using the spiritual wisdom, judgment and interpretation that comes from GOD; Jesus could not go wrong in his perception of the world. That is why Jesus’ ways appear to be paradoxical and contradictory in their nature. What should be the correct solution naturally to a problem or situation is not the way Jesus expects us to act or react. The Word of GOD says that we are in the world and not of the world. So, when you make a decision to judge by your senses; remember they are natural and not spiritual. GOD wants us to judge like Jesus through the spiritual senses.